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Sweet Noshings is a Catering company that serves only kosher food, 100% of the time (formal supervision is available upon request from the Hamilton Vaad Hakashrut.)

This is not your average Tuna and Egg Salad caterer. No dry cakes or crumbly cookies.  Even the pareve stuff tastes AMAZING!

This is a catering company whose sole proprietor is a COMPLETE AND UTTER FOODIE!

This is a catering company that will exceed your expectations in every way.

Sweet Noshings specializes in specializing.  Whether you are having a simcha at a synagogue, at your home or other venue, Sweet Noshings will ensure that everything is tasty, tasteful as well as shock and awesome.

Sweet Noshings is an exclusive caterer.   We don't advertise- Odds are good that you heard about us from someone who was happy, or possibly a Google search. in which case ask me for references or more references. Former customers have offered to give references so that you can decide whether you want to speak to me about your order.

Here is how it works:

1)  Decide that you want Sweet Noshings, and only Sweet Noshings to be your caterer.

2)  Know that you trust Andrea explicitly, either through checking references, or personal interaction.

3)  Figure out your budget before we meet.  Andrea is willing to work with nearly every realistic budget, so don't assume yours is too small.  Sometimes I take work because I like people, even if they have a low budget.  So if one and two are covered, and you know your budget, let's talk.

4)  Once you have engaged me, we brainstorm to get you your perfect party.  We are  strongly skilled in project management (aren't all the best caterers?) and can easily carry out your wishes, as long as they work in your budget.

5)  Sweet Noshings will never gouge a customer.  All fees are calculated fairly based on cost, labour and profit.  You can have anything you like and you will be charged fairly for what it is you have requested.

This means that what you want is what you get.  If we come to an agreement about your engagement, then we will have worked within your budget to provide the best possible meal for that price.  As one client put it 'I may have had an only $1500 budget, but you treated me like it was a $10,000 budget.'  True quote.

Meat, Dairy and Pareve foods are all available.  You have my personal assurance that all food produced is strictly kosher, whether formally supervised or not!

I have many non Jewish customers to whom I serve only strictly kosher food.  Some are Vegan, some have special dietary requests, some are Muslim.  Some just want a great meal from someone who thinks outside of the box!  Whatever the style of food I am serving, I serve only kosher food.


Meals for Kosher Customers at Weddings, Corporate Events, Doctor's Offices

Jewish Lifecycle Events including Bris, Baby Naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals, Shiva Meals

Memorial Ceremonies, Corporate Catering, Wedding Cakes, Specialty cookies, cheesecakes, party sandwiches.



For more information, please contact Andrea Levy, Chief Noshmaker at (289)260-4490

or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it