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Gourmet Cuisine
We're Foodies with a heart!
We love to prepare food from across the world! We excel at working with you to create an experience that meets your tastes, exceeds your expectations and comes in on budget!


Delicious Food

We research & test our recipes!

We are passionate about our food - we will not serve anything that does not meet our high standards for taste and presentation. We are constantly doing research on new recipes, adapting recipes for food restrictions and putting our unique spin on your favourite dishes. We are kosher, halal, vegan and vegetarian friendly, so ask us how we can cater to your needs!
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Catered Events
We have a standard catered event menu that can help your function go off without a hitch.

Pop-up Pizza Restaurant

Starting Soon, we will be running a pop-up take-out pizza restaurant. We will offer 18" pizzas (cheese or with toppings) cauliflower crust pizza, as well as soups, mac & cheese and other main courses.

Stay tuned for details!

  1. Fish & Chips
  2. Gourmet Pizza
  3. Baked Mac & Cheese
18" Cheese Pizza - $18 (introductory price)
Toppings - @$1.85
Tomatoes, Onions, Green olives
Fresh Mushrooms, Red peppers, Green peppers,  Extra cheese (double topping)
Cauliflower crust pizza - $12 personal, $24 family
1 litre soup - $10 -$12

Advance orders recommended - call (289) 260-4490

We deliver great flavour!